About Us

Becky Hill Photography is owned and operated by Becky Hill. It started as a hobby project back in 2009 when Becky Hill learned that she can turn her passion for photography into a part-time job. Thanks to her enthusiasm and love for photography, her first clients were very happy with the results. She soon began to receive more and more jobs and requests and soon enough, she wasn’t able to handle the amount of them. Therefore, she decided to quit her day job to become a full-time photographer.

Along the way, she met clients who, aside from photos, wanted to capture their best moments with a film. Of course, due to the lack of experience and skills related to video filming, she refused those first video tasks. However, she started learning filming techniques and then she obtained better cameras and equipment not only for her photography projects but also for filming projects.

She worked hard to raise her filming skill level on par with her photography level. Thanks to her previous photography experience, learning filming became an easy task for her. It’s quite the same as photography, only that you are not shooting still images, but moving and real-time events, people and scenery.

Soon enough, her skills were developed further. She started offering it as a bonus to her photography packages for free so that she can check whether her clients would like it or not. Once she started to feel that she’s got the hang of it, she started offering separate filming packages.

And so, after that, she started to accept filming projects. But due to her rising popularity and to her newfound skill, the requests have skyrocketed. She began to refuse some jobs because her hands were too full. That’s when she began to look for a colleague. One whom she can trust.

That’s when Matt and Shirley joined her team. Matt is an expert in multimedia editing, so he took care of video and photo editing along with retouches. Shirley is an expert videographer and it was her main cup of tea. Now their team was complete. An expert photographer, videographer and multimedia editor. However, the demand continued to rise and soon enough, even though there are three of them, they started to crunch harder than usual in order to meet not only the rising amount of clients but also the rising expectations for them. They were well-known as one of the best photography studio in the state.

Thankfully, two more crew joined. Edwin, another multimedia editing expert, and Jane, a photographer, and videographer. Now, the team is even more complete and they are the ones who are capturing and will be capturing your best moments, immortalizing them so that your once in a lifetime memories can remain as vivid as it was on the day you’ve personally witnessed them.

Come and let us help you capture the best moments in your life today!