Becky Hill Photography offers three different services for your photography and video needs. We have photography package, video package, and 2-in-1 packages.

Photography Packages

We pride ourselves as one of the best photo studios in the country. Our quality is only the best. We ensure that we meet your needs and expectations and we even strive hard to go beyond. Our photography packages come with complete coverage of your entire event, from start to finish. We usually bill by the hour and/or by the number of photos shot. In general, we default on an hourly basis with up to 60 photos per hour. Every extra photos shot would be $25-$100 each.

Videography Packages

We have skilled videographers with decades of experience shooting film for different occasions. We have self-taught and professional videographers. We can create up to an hour of film shot at 1080p for a fixed price. We can, by request, film up to 3 hours of film with resolutions of up to 2160p. Please contact us for more details.


We have onsite and off-site equipment available. We can do photoshoots at our studio or at a location of your choice. There might be a travel fee depending on the distance of your preferred location from our main studio. You can also choose to fetch us if you don’t want additional charges. Generally, we don’t charge for a travel fee if the location is within 30km from our studio.

We use drone technology for sophisticated aerial shots and we have the latest and the highest quality cameras to ensure only the clearest and high-quality photos and videos for your needs.

We accept:

Wedding Photography

We have sessions before, during and after the wedding so that you can capture this once in a lifetime event. We will divide the session into three, the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding sessions. You can also request additional sessions the day before and after the wedding. Please contact us for more details.


We love birthdays and celebration! We offer special packages for a certain birthday age. Please contact us for more details.


Capture your graduation moments with exquisite photo and video shots from different angles. We provide discounts for an entire class photo and video shoot.


We also have advertisement packages. We will provide you with a wonderful shot of your products and/or services or shop or physical location and we’ll craft a compelling advertisement that drives sales.

Even though we are mainly a photography studio, we also have a team of expert graphic designers and marketers who are ready to work with your business in order to create a persuasive message to attract everyone to check your business, product, or service.

Visual presentation is very important nowadays. Customers and clients want to see your product or service before deciding. Let our expert photographers and videographers capture the essence of your business with our high-quality photos and videos.

We can do promotional pictures, how-tos, demos, tutorials and many more!

What are you waiting for! Get started today!